Tube guitar amplifiers  

V3 Pedal
With its all Tube circuitry, the V3 operates on high voltage, not low voltage like most pedals. With 2 independent and uniquely voiced channels, the V3 offers an array of sounds from Blues to Vintage Rock to Modern Rock to High gain Metal. We have used Fat Heads High Gain preamp circuitry inside to give you tube amp performance from a pedal. The V3 has true bypass

and a tube buffered output for a strong signal so tone sucking pedals wont affect the V3's tone. Operates from a 12AC power supply. Read more and see the video clip...
Sherlock V3 ALL TUBE Distortion, demo by Pete Thorn

You Tube Clip of RJ Ronquillo V3 demo

FATHEAD MIDI 4 100 Tube amp with T.M.S

With an effects unit, a Midi Controller and some programming, you will access a multitude of sound at the switch of a button. With 4 Channels of pure tube tone delivering sounds from clean to vintage/modern crunch to super high gain lead, it's switching controlled by the built in Midi Mod and MIDI controller, you have the ability to combine the tone of the best tube technology with the flexibility of digital effects. Read more...



VR30 1x12

FATHEAD 50 Tube amp with T.M.S

For those that don’t need all the features the Fathead has to offer but are still after the basic sounds of the Fathead we have designed the Fathead 50.
Featuring 2 channels, clean and dirty, with there own Gain Tone and Volumes.
The Clean channel can be configured the way you want it. i.e. Clean or Edge and the dirty channel, has a gain boost for super high gain. We have also reduced the power to 50 watts and retained our versatile T.M.S. biasing system. Sold with footswitch. (Midi switching is an optional extra).





The Buff Tone features a single channel preamp section with Gain and Dual Master Volume controls, 3 band EQ and spring Reverb. Also featured is a unique dual power mode, Modern 100/50watt class AB using Silicon Diodes and 40/20watt class A with Tubes Rectifiers. Hand built; using point to point wiring techniques this amp produces modern load and dynamic tones and authentic vintage overdriven tones with a smooth power amp brake up . Normally available as a head but can also be supplied in a 2 x 12 combo. Read more...




The Vintage Reverb 30 is the baby brother to the Buff Tone and also features a single channel preamps section with Gain and Master Volume controls, 3 band EQ and Reverb. Also a Presence (treble cut) control is added and a Depth switch. The 30 watt, Class A power stage uses four EL84 tubes and can be switched to 15watts for reduced power.  True vintage sag is achieved with a tube rectifier. This amp is great for blues players and pedal junkies and also features 9VDC phantom pedal power.

VINTAGE REVERB 30 1x12 & 2x12

This is our Vintage Reverb 30 amp in a combo format.  Comes in a 1x12 or 2x12 format with a choice of Alnico or Ceramic speakers. This amp sounds its best when fitted with Alnico P12n or Vintage 30. For the 2 x 12 version a set of Greenbacks makes this amp the perfect blues amp. Read more...


VR30 1x12

After the success of the Buddy DR 15, we couldn't wait to release some different versions of this popular little amplifier. Now you have 3 amps to choose from! All have their own particular tonal characteristics and feel about them. We've used different tubes and different circuitry to give you that true tube tone in a small light weight package. Perfect for small gigs, recordings or just taking around to a mates place for a jam. All amps come in a head or combo format. Read more...

angry ant 5 watt
ANGRY ANT 5 W head NEW product
Introducing the latest arrival to the Sherlock family, the Angry Ant.
Although very small in stature, this little amp head boasts an amazingly big 5 watts of 6L6 tube tone. It features Gain, Tone and Master controls on the front and an 8 ohm Speaker Out on the rear.
Also included is a Speaker Mute switch and a Line Out for recording or plugging into a PA system.
Speaker Cabinets  

VR30 1x12


Our cabinets come loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 or Greenback speakers as standard, but can be supplied with your preferred speakers or combination of different speakers.
This cabinet is constructed from 18mm ply and is fitted with quality metal fittings.
Comes in a choice of Tolex colors and speaker grills. A discount can be given if purchased with one of our amplifiers. Read more...

VR30 1x12 CABINET 4 X 12

Slated 4 x12, perfect for the Fathead amp, comes with 4 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers as standard but can be supplied with your preferred speaker or combination of different speakers. This Cabinet is constructed from 18mm ply, is internally braced for low panel resonance, and is fitted with solid metal handles and quality casters. Comes in a choice of Tolex colors and speaker grills. A discount can be given if purchased with one of our amplifiers. Read more...

Midi switching  

Simple 10 Button Midi Controller designed to operate the Fathead Tube Amp but can be used in any MIDI application. Read More...