Our Workshop has been built up over many years, accumulating all the necessary equipment and technical expertise needed to bring an idea from design to production or a faulty piece of gear into full working order. We are very proud of what we have achieved. We have a large workshop divided up into different ares equipped to carry out all aspect of electronic design, manufacture and repair.

Design and Development area.
We have 3 computers that we use for designing all the sections of our products including our PCBs, metal chassis and timber cabinets. PCB development is done using the latest PCB design software. Point to point constructed amp layouts are also draw on a computer for optimizing layouts. Chassis drawings are done using CAD software and files are sent off for CNC chassis manufacturing. Wooden cabinets drawings are done for our cabinet manufacturing which we do in house. Amp control panel labeling is also designed by software and when completed and films made, are sent with chassis to our screen printers.

Electronics Repair amd Testing area.
This area is totally dedicated to electronic repair and retube of tube amps, solid state amps and other electronic equipment. We usually have some custom work on the go, including amp mod's and pedal board wire ups etc. see more of the work we do here on our Custom page. This area is is also used to test out amplifiers after assembly.

Amp Manufacturing area.
This is where we assemble our PCB and chassis to produce our amps. All assembly is done in house to ensure quality at every stage. see more on our amp manufacturing page.

Metal Working area.
We have a small metal working area where we use machines like guillotines, folding machines, drill presses and hole punches to make our products prototype metal chassis etc. We can also make chassis for custom jobs and anything to do with metal.

Wood Working area.
This is were we build speaker and head cabinets. We have developed woodworking machines specially designed for cutting and routing out cabinet panels. We modify or repair existing cabinets or replace missing back panels or or broken grill cloth frames. We can also change combos into heads and build a separate cabinet for the speakers. Basically anything to do with wood we do here.

Tolex Covering area.
And the final area which completes our workshop is our Tolex/Vinyl covering area. This is were we cover speaker and amp cabinets with our specialy designed equipment, staple on grill cloths, carry out our cabinet restoration work and fit cabinet hardware and speakers to our production amps.