These 3 low powered tube amps are uniquely voiced to suit players individual tone and performance requirements by incorporating different circuitry and popular tube types.
Perfect for small gigs, recordings or just taking around to a mates place for a jam.

These amps provide some very decent clean headroom and when pushed into Blues or Rock territory will become quite loud with rich, creamy power stage distortion.
These little amps features a 12 inch speaker and are powered by an EL84 (15 watts class A) or 6V6 class AB. We wanted to keep these amps as simple as possible so we have included only the bear essentials like a single Input, Gain, EQ, Reverb and Volume. All Amps have the Belton Digital Reverb module fitted with Dwell control, no more clanging and broken springs.

Examples of the 3 amp with various Tolex and Grill cloth Finishes.

Rockbender white
Vintage Reverb 15 DR Combo in Ivory Tolex and Wheat Grill cloth.
Vintage Reverb 15 DR Combo in Brown Bronco Tolex and Wheat Grill cloth. This combination has a very vinatge look about it.
Buddy 15 DR
Rock Bender 20 DR Combo in black Bronco Tolex and Black Grill cloth.
Rock bender
Rear of Rock Bender 20 DR With 6V6 power tubes and Celestion Creamback speaker.
Buddy back
Rear of Buddy 15 DR in Wine Buggy Whip Tolex fitted with a Ceramic Blue Dog British speaker.
Buddy DR15
Buddy 15 DR front panel
RockBender DR20
Rock Bender 20 DR front panel
Vintage Reverb 15 DR
Vintage Reverb 15 DR front panel

The amps circuitry is built on our custom turret boards. All pots and tubes sockets are then wire to the turret boards. This method of construction, although laborious, ensure years of trouble free operation. SoZo caps and 1 watt carbon resistors are a must for tone and reliability.


  • All Tube Technology: 3 selected 12ax7 tubes, 2 matched EL84 or 6V6 power tubes and 5AR4 rectifier tube.
  • Input: 1 single input.
  • Gain Control: Set the amount of preamp gain for the preamp section.
  • Volume Control: Turned down low for a clean loud tone or increase to push the power stage into overdrive for rich creamy distortion.
  • Tone Controls: Bass and Treble controls connected in a Baxandall configuration for the Buddy
    amp. Bass, Mid and Treble for the VR 15 and the RB 20DR
  • Reverb: All amps are fitted with a Belton Digital Reverb Module.
  • Reverb Controls: Reverb Level and Dwell control with tube reverb recovery amplifier. Reverb footswitch socket fitted. (footswitch extra)
  • Power Amp Section: Buddy and VR 15, 2 x EL84/6BQ5 wired in pure class A for a fat 15 watts of dynamic tone. RB 20, 2 x 6V6 tubes wired for class AB producing 20 watts of punchy tone.
  • Tube Rectifier: for Vintage sag, 5ar4 for a tighter, bolder sound or a 5u4g for a softer sound with slightly less power or silicon diodes for the tightest punchiest sound.
  • Speaker Output Socket: 8 ohm impedances with speaker plug wired to speaker.
  • Speaker: Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, Creamback or Geenback. Other speakers we could use would be Jensen 12".
  • Transformers: are high quality, hand wound, using vintage transformer winding techniques, also featured is Grain Oriented Steel for superb sound quality and reliability.
  • Point to Point: Internal wiring of components, now using SoZo caps, carbon resistors and ceramic tube sockets. We also use quality hardware such as Carling switches, Switchcraft sockets and Alpha pots fitted with cream chicken head knobs. Chassis is 1.6mm Aluminum saturn black powered coating.
  • Cabintes: All 3 amps are the same size and use 15mm plywood covered in your choice of Tolex and Grill Cloth with quality hardware fitted.
  • Handmade Quality: all Sherlock Amplifiers products are assembled by hand by craftsman ensuring the highest quality of construction which means, they sound fantastic and are extremely reliable and will last a lifetime.
  • Weight: Combo, 15 kg. Head 8 kg.
  • Size: 1x12 Combo, 460cm (W), 41cm (H), 23cm (D)
    Head, 425cm (W), 220cm (H), 225cm (D)


buddy 15 DR Combo $1450, Head $1250
Vintage Reverb 15 DR combo $1450, Head $1250
Rock Bender 20 DR Combo $1550, HEAD $1350

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Hand Built in Australia.
3 x 12ax7 Dual Triodes.
Buddy: Input, Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Volume.
RB, VR: Input, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb, Volume.

Buddy & VR: 15 watts Class A using 2 x EL84
RB: 20 Watt Class AB using 2 x 6V6

Speaker Socket, 8 ohms.
SPEAKER: (All Amps)
12" Celestion GB, CB, V30 or speaker of your choices.
See our range of colors.

1 x 5AR4 Rectifier tube.

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