The FAT HEAD Foot Controller
is a heavy duty MIDI switcher that provides instant recall of up to 10 programmed sounds. While it is primarily designed to control our FAT HEAD tube amplifier, it is fully compatible with all MIDI equipment. Most players would rarely require access to more than 10 favorite sounds so we've kept it simple so you get one sound per switch. This avoids the complexity and tap dancing that comes with banking and multifunction MIDI switchers. In most cases, the simplicity of instant access to 10 sounds with one simple switch is more beneficial that than having numerous complex options, most of which are never used. There is even a large panel next to each switch for labeling of your sound.

When purchased with a FAT HEAD tube amplifier, the FAT HEAD Foot Controller requires a 7pin midi cable to connect them, providing the Controller with phantom power (used with other equipment the Controller requires 9 VDC via its power socket). Fewer cables mean faster set up and pack down, which saves effort and is a great advantage in situations where fast band changes are required.

As supplied, The FAT HEAD Foot Controller transmits on Omni but can be set to operate on any midi channel by setting the internal dip switch to the desired channel.

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Tech Specs

  • Simple 10 button Operation.
  • Transmission - Program change numbers 1-10, Midi Channel, Omni -16 via 7 pin midi out socket.
  • Finish - Heavy duty, 1.2mm steel, in Black Textured powder coat.
  • Power - 9VDC in socket or Phantom power from the FAT HEAD amp.
  • High quality components used throughout.
  • Dimensions - 400mm (W), 182mm(D), 60mm(H). (Height includes switches)

Fat head controller RRP AU$300 How to Purchase

7Pin Midi Cable

  • 7 Pin, 5mt long (Controller can also accept 5 pin cable without phantom power).
  • Hand made using heavy duty cable and Neutrik plugs
  • Custom length MIDI cables available on request.


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