Vintage Reverb 30 Head

Introducing the Vintage Reverb 30 Tube Guitar Amp!
After the successful launch of our Fat Head midi controlled 4 channel monster we decide to cater for the traditional players out there with our vintage style amps. These Amps are dedicated to simplicity of operation and the purist of tone.
Hand Built the same way they were before PCB technology was available, using point to point wiring techniques, vintage style components like carbon resistors, malaroy caps and hand wound transformers, theses amps produced authentic vintage tones with the reliability of a modern day build.


All Tube Technology
The Vintage Reverb 30 features a single channel preamp section with Gain and Master Volume controls, 3 band EQ and Reverb. Also a Presence (treble cut) control is added to smooth out the tone which is thick and fat and a Depth switch to extend the bottom end (great for Strats) All in all, a very versatile preamp section .
Using four EL84 tubes in a class A configuration, the Vintage Reverb 30 produces 30 watts of rich fat tone and can be reduced to 15watts, again class A but with more brake and less head room. True vintage sag is achieved with a tube rectifier or a solid state diode plug-in for a tight and focused sound. This amp is great for blues players and pedal junkies who need a fat rich tone at a lower volumes.

Vintage Reverb 30 1x12 Combo

Reverb... Spring or Digital
For those that like Reverb with your sound, we are now offering you not just the standard 2 Spring Accutronics Reverb that you all know and love but a choice, Spring or Digital Reverb! Why bother with a Digital Reverb in an all tube amp like this? Because the new Reverb modules we are using sound so good!!! We just had to break with tradition! Sorry it’s all about the Tone.

9 Volt pedal power built in
Also featured, speaking of digital reverb and knowing that pedal junkies are in plague proportions these days, and another first by Sherlock Amplifiers, we have equipped the vintage Reverb 30 amp with 9v DC power to run all those pedals, this is accessed from the Reverb footswitch.

Cabinet Format
The Vintage Reverb 30 is available in 3 formats, Head, 1 x 12, and 2 x 12. If the Head option is for you, you might want to have a look at one of our 2 x 12 Cabs on our Cabinets page as a speaker for it.
For the Combo option we can supply the Vintage Reverb 30 with a speaker type most suited to your needs. For loud and punchy, we usually fit Ceramic speakers like Celestion V30's or Greenbacks or for more of a vintage tone, an Alnico speaker is used such as a Jensen P12N. We can also supply a variety of tolex colors.

Vintage Reverb 30 2x12 Combo

A Closer Look...

v30chassis VR30 chassis featuring 4x 12ax7 preamp tubes and 4x EL84 power tubes. Note the generous sized transformers and quality powder coated chassis..  


The rear of a VR 302x12 showing the Celestion V30 speakers. This amp can be order with your favorite speaker type and brand.


  reverb footswitch The VR30 Reverb footswitch with its Pedal Power outlet capable of supplying up to 1Amp of 9 volt DC power.  

Have a Listen...

Audio Blues Solo Jelly Roll Baker


Check out our testimonials page for the Vintage Reverb 30

Tech Specs

  • All Tube Technology: using 4 selected 12ax7 tubes, 4 matched EL84 power tubes and 5U4G or 5AR4 rectifier tube.
  • High & Low Inputs: for different guitar outputs levels.
    Preamp section: Modified fender style pre-amp stages for big clean sound with Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence controls and bright (tops boost) and depth (bass boost) switches.
  • Power amp section: comprises 4 x EL84/6BQ5 wired in pure class A for a fat 30 watts of dynamic tone or 15watts pure class A for a dirtier tone and lower volumes.
  • Master Volume: Post phase splitter master volume controls output volume and allows preamp to be gained up for a fatter dirtier tone.
  • Presences: control for rolling the tops off for a smooth jazz tone.
  • Reverb: consist of a 2 spring Accutronics reverb unit with tube driver and tube recovery or built in Digital Reverb module with tube drive and tube recovery controlled by footswitch.
    Output Power Switch: selects 30 watts or 15 watts.
  • Tube rectifier: for Vintage sag, 5ar4 for a tighter, bolder sound or a 5u4g for a softer sound with slightly less power or silicon diodes for the tightest punchiest sound.
  • 9-Volt Pedal Phantom Power: for running all 9 volt pedals, accessible from a socket on the reverb footswitch. Eliminates the need for external pedal power supplies and batteries.
  • Footswitch: 1-Button for turning reverb on or off, also 9 volt phantom power outlet for pedals as mentioned.
  • Head or combo format: the Vintage 30 is available in either a head, or combo format.
    Combo format is either a single 12 or 2 x12 using Celestion vintage 30 speakers or others. (please Note we are experimenting with other speakers types such as a Weber P12's Alnico's and can fit what ever is more suited to the customers style of playing and music taste. Weber extra.)
  • Speaker Output Sockets: 2, which are wire in paralleled
    Impedances Selector: for a choice of 4, 8 or 16 ohms for any speaker combination.
    Line out: socket is also featured, taken form the speaker outs.
  • Transformers: are, high quality, hand wound, using vintage transformer winding techniques, also featured is Grain Oriented Steel for superb sound quality and reliability.
  • Point to point: internal wiring of components, using orange drop/mallory caps, vintage carbon resistors and ceramic tube sockets. We also use quality hardware such as Carling switches, Switchcraft sockets and C.T.S. pots fitted with black bakelite chicken head knobs. Chassis is 1.6mm steel with welded seems covered in gloss black powered coating. Cabinets are CC grade Australian marine Plywood 18mm thick, covered in black 30 oz. Bronco Tolex with quality hardware fitted. (Other colors upon request)
  • Hand Made Quality: all Sherlock Amplifiers products are made by hand, not machines, ensuring the highest quality of construction which means, they sound fantastic, they are extremely reliable and will last a lifetime.
  • Weight: 32kg's for the 2x12 combo, 26kg for the 1x12 combo and 16.5kg for the head.
  • Size: 1x12 Combo, 54cm (W), 48cm (H), 28cm (D).
    2x12 Combo, 67cm (W), 48cm (H), 28cm (D).
    Head, 56.5cm (W), 22.5 (H), 25cm (D).


  How to Purchase
Vintage Reverb 30 Head RRP AU$2195
Vintage Reverb 30 1x12 Combo (depending on speaker) RRP AU$2495
Vintage Reverb 30 2x12 Combo (depending on speaker) RRP AU$2995



Amps & Accessories
Hand Built in Australia.

VR30 Front Panelfront panel

VR30 Rear Panelrear panel


4 x 12ax7, 4 x EL84 tubes.
1 x 5U4G or 5AR4 Rectifier tube.

High & Low Input Sockets,.Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence Master Volume.
Bright and Depth switches.

30 watts. Class A. or 15 watts Class A
2 spring Accutronics Long delay or new
Digital Reverb Module, long Delay
foot switch opertated.
For running all 9 volt pedals, accessible from a socket on the reverb footswitch.
2 Sockets wire in paralleled. 4, 8 or 16 ohms selectable.
12" Celstion or Jensen, Webber,
Socket taken from speaker outs.
See our range of colours

Some brief testimonials....
I'm really enjoying the Vintage Reverb and Cab. It played its first show on Thursday night and went well and got positive comments straight away." more...

Buzz from the Moon..This amp sings!
Built tough, built to last,
built to go the distance!