The Buff Tone a
ll tube, 100 watt GuitarAmp.
Named for its clean, polished sound, the Buff Tone is a single channel amp voiced in the tradition of classic American tone.  Although closely related to our successful Vintage Reverb 30 Amps, this big brother includes some added features that greatly increase its versatility.

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Finding your sound
The front end of the Buff Tone features a single channel preamp section with both Hi and Low inputs.  Setting the Gain low achieves a clean dynamic tone, increasing the gain from here fattens up the tone with a flatter dynamic responseand higher gain
settings push the preamp into mild overdrive. The Buff Tones tonal character can be adjusted with its highly effective Bass, Mid, and Treble controls, and a Bright switch to boost the treble. The Presence Control (treble cut), allowing you to smooth out the top end, and a Depth switch, for extending the bottom end, completes the amps front panel tone controls.  While the combined effect of these features allow you to precisely shape your unique sound from a vast range of options, the amp retains an inherent tonal character that is rich and fat and has a special responsiveness that will make you want to keep playing.
Pedal Junkies
Why only one clean channel you ask, why not have a High gain/overdrive channel as well? We know how particular and individual guitarists are about their distortion sounds so we thought we would provide a pristine canvas to showcase your favorite distortion pedals for this aspect of your sound.  And that’s also why we put Dual Master Volumes at the power stage so when you really want your guitar to cut through, switch to the B volume, your sound just gets louder, not more distorted.
The stomp box brigade will also be excited the Buff Tone comes equipped with 9v DC phantom power to fire up their arsenal of effects, so get ready to kiss your batteries goodbye.  This is another useful first brought to you by Sherlock Amplifiers.  Your new source of pedal power is accessed from a socket on the Bufftones A/B Volume, Reverb footswitch.  

Verb is the good vibe
Reverb is an important ingredient in any good clean tone. The question now is Spring or Digital? The Buff Tone is now fitted with either a 2 Spring Accutronics Reverb or one of the new long delay Digital Reverb modules! Why bother with a Digital Reverb in an all tube amp like this? Because theses new modules sound so good, that’s why. We just had to break with tradition! Sorry it’s all about the Tone.

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Now if all that is not enough to make you want to play your very own Buff Tone, this next bit is something really special.

What’s your style?
Are you a modern Rock/Metal shredder looking for loud punchy tones, where speed and tightness are your main requirements? Or are you a Blues player that’s into low powered amps that push the power tubes into creamy distortion? Or do you play County and require sparkling dynamic cleans? The Buff Tone has been designed so that the output stage can easily be configured to pure Class A or Class AB to suit a range of styles. Two Class output configuration modes and two power modes allow this amp to become either a Modern high powered amp or a lower powered Vintage amp. Put simply, you can choose to play Jazz today and Thrash tomorrow, or your favorite style of music everyday with an authentic sound and feel using just one amp; the Buff Tone.

Modern mode; Loud and Dynamic
This is achieved with all 4 of the Buff Tones power tubes operating in Class AB with Silicon Diode Rectifiers to produce the amps full power of 100 watts. Using the power switch, this can be cut to 50 watts for less head room. This mode is great for loud Rock/Metal players using pedals where the power amp is required to be loud, clean and as tight as possible.

Vintage mode; Fat and Rich
Flick the switch to Vintage mode and not only do the tube rectifiers kick in, but the output stage is reconfigured to pure Class A operation. The Buff Tone is now set for some classic blues tones with power tube brake up and tube rectifier sag. With all 4 power tubes operating, this configuration produces 40 watts of rich, fat tone. If this is too loud, hit the power switch to reduce it down to 20 watts.

The build
The Buff Tone is hand built to the highest standard using point to point wiring techniques and vintage style components, like carbon resistors, Malaroy caps, and specially designed hand wound custom transformers, for long life and great tone. These amps produce authentic vintage and modern tones with the reliability of a modern day build. This amp is designed as a head but can be supplied as a 2 x 12 combo. Our combos can be fitted with the speakers that are most suited to your style of playing and musical taste. Cost will vary with speaker choice.

A Closer Look...

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Bufftone 2x12 bufftone footswitch Buffpurpleback

Tech Specs

  • All Tube Technology: using 4 selected 12AX7 tubes, 4 matched 6L6 or EL34 power tubes, and 2 5U4G or 5AR4 rectifier tubes.
  • High & Low Inputs: for different guitar outputs.
  • Preamp: Class A, multistage cascading preamp design, featuring Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Presence controls, Bright and Depth switches.  
  • Dual Master Volumes: preset Volume B and activate for solo volume boost (post pre-amp), footswitchable.
  • Spring Reverb: 2 spring, with tube driver and tube recovery circuit, footswitchable.
  • Output Config. Switch: switches between Modern mode (Class B output configuration with Silicon Diode Rectifiers) and Vintage mode (Class A output configuration with Tube Rectifiers).
  • Output Power Switch: switches between 100 watts of clean dynamic tone and 50 watts for less headroom in Modern Mode, or between 40 watts of pure Class A classic tone and 20 watts in Vintage Mode.
  • 9-Volt Pedal Phantom Power: for running all 9 volt pedals, accessible from a socket on the footswitch. Eliminates the need for external pedal power supplies and batteries.
  • 2-Button Footswitch: Controls Master Volumes and Reverb, features 9 volt phantom power outlet for pedals.
  • Speaker Impedance Switch: selects between 4, 8, and 16 ohms for any speaker combination.
  • Speaker Output Sockets: 2, wired in paralleled.
  • High Quality Transformers: specially designed to accommodate dual output configuration, hand wound using Grain Oriented Steel for superb sound and reliability.
  • Internal Wiring: point to point construction using tag strips.
  • High Quality Components: including orange drops caps, carbon resistors and ceramic tube sockets. We also use quality hardware such as Carling switches, Switchcraft sockets and C.T.S. pots finished with black chicken head knobs (custom colors available). Chassis is 1.6mm steel with welded seems covered in heavy duty black powder coating. Cabinet is Australian Plywood 18mm thick, covered in black Bronco Tolex standard (custom colors available), fitted with quality hardware.
  • Hand Made Quality: all Sherlock Amplifiers products are made by hand, not machines, ensuring the highest quality of construction which means they sound fantastic, they are extremely reliable, and will last a lifetime.
  • Head or combo format: Combo format is a 2x12 loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers or similar.
  • Dimensions: Head, 66.5cm (W), 26cm (H), 25cm(D), 2x12 Combo, 67cm (W), 51cm (H), 28cm (D).
  • Weight: Head – 20kg, 2 x 12 Combo 35kg's


Buff tone Head RRP AU$2995
Buff tone 2x12 Combo (depending on speaker) RRP AU$3500


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