Workshop Details:

5 Glencairn Ave.
Victoria. 3134.

workshop is
under house

.....By appointment only......

Phone: 03 8802 0499 (call first)
Mobile: 0435 335 815

International: +61 3 8802 0499

Email: info@sherlockamps.com

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Sunday: closed

How to get to Sherlock Amplifiers: car

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Once you get here, enter the second drive way, turn left at the rear of the house and go down stairs for the Sherlock Amplifiers Worshop.

....Before you email.....

Just a short note to inform you of the situation regarding emails here at Sherlock Amplifiers.
We are a small operation with limited resources in administration but highly competent in technical matters.

I’m the person that responds to emails and I'm a slow typist, and usually under the pump to get stuff done, so please... I simply can't respond in depth to emails that have numerous questions, opinions, request, links, etc, etc.

However I do want to help, so please keep your emails short and to the point.
If you do have a lot to say, I can talk much faster that I type so just give me a call on the above number/s and I can try to help you as best as I can over the phone.
Oh, and the mobile is just a back up if I'm out of the workshop so please call the land line first.

And if you have emailed and I have not responded it’s most likely I have a lot of emails to get through or I may have missed yours, so please try again.

Dale Sherlock

Email: info@sherlockamps.com



Need info on one of our products or just inquiring about repairs? We can help.
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Please note:
We do not have the capacity to offer general advise on amps, equipment and tubes.
We can only advise on work that you would like us to perform for you or our own products.
For general info relating to other manufactures products please contact the manufacture or distributor of those products.

We are now agents for:


Guitar Repair and Service.
For quotes or to discuss repairs please call Mark Roper on:
0409 700 105
For pick up and drop off only please call Sherlock Amps on:
8802 0499