Demo our Products.
We believe in providing value for money and have found that selling our products in retail shops dramatically inflates the price putting them outside most peoples budget so we sell direct. We have a small showroom were we demo our products to our clients by people who have intimate product knowledge. We know whether our product is right for you and if it isn’t we would advise you to buy something else.

Inquire about Stock.
We aim to keep stock of most products however our gear moves pretty quickly. What we don't have "on the shelf” we have the parts in stock and we can assemble and finish off a product within a week or two. So check with us first before ordering. This can be done over the phone or by email.

Arrange a Demo.
Spending money on musical equipment is a serious endeavor. You need to ensure that what you outlay your hard earned cash on is going to do it for you. So to properly evaluate our products and receive our full and undivided attention during the demo you need to make an appointment. We suggest that you bring you own guitar, pedals etc. and demo the gear in our private showroom for as long as you like, any volume you like, we may even arrange a product, try before you buy, subject to conditions of course.

Non-Audio and Custom gear
If you wish to order something other that an amp like one of our switching boxes, a midi switcher, some amp parts or something custom made for you that doesn't require a demo then you need to discuss your requirements with us in full before ordering. You can do this over the phone or email.

As a lot of our product is made to order we require a deposit to get the ball rolling. Once we see that you are committed to a purchase, we will commit to produce the product.
For large items like amps we require a deposit of around 30%. For smaller items like custom built Midi switchers a higher deposit or full payment can be made.

How to Order a Sherlock Amplifiers product.

Step 1.
Check for availability and current price either by phone or email.

Step 2.
Place an Order
followed up with a Deposit or full payment.
The order can be placed with us here at Sherlock Amplifiers or over the phone or by email. (email preferred)
With the order you will need to supply the following information:
The Product you wish to order
Your Name
Address, for shipping if required
Phone Number
Email Address

You can make a deposit by visiting us and paying Cash, or send us a Bank Cheque or Money Order or online with a Direct Deposit or for international orders use PayPal or online Direct Deposit with Swift code. (please note, cheques may take up to 5 Days to clear).

For online Direct Deposit please email us and we will send you our bank details.
Please note: Sherlock Amplifiers will not process any orders that are not followed up by a deposit.
Online payments may take up to 24 hours to procees and if you require pick up or shippment within this peroid payment details will need to be sent to us via email.
Sorry we don't take credit cards

Step 3.

Once your order is complete and payment is made in full, we will notify you for pickup or we can arranged to have your order shipped to you. For shipment, please supply delivery address in full when ordering.
Please note: Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

For further information please email Sherlock Amplifiers or phone us.


Amps & Accessories


Call this number or email to arrange a demo, check stock or to place
and order.