The 2 x 12 and 4 x 12 Sherlock Amplifiers Speaker Cabinets
In order to fully experience the color, dynamic, and nuance of a high quality, high performance guitar amplifier, it must be plugged into a speaker cabinet of equal or greater quality and performance.  Through a process of research and experimentation we have carefully chosen speakers that are a great tonal match for our amps.  Our cabinets come loaded with Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers as standard, but can be supplied with your preferred speaker or combination of different speakers.  We then designed cabinets that would allow them to operate most effectively, balanced with practical factors like weight and size.  We find that the speakers are best able to reproduce the sound of our amplifiers when housed in cabinets that are as rigid as possible, thus minimizing any cabinet vibration that would interfere with the vibration of the speaker and color the sound. 

Currently in production are two of the most popular configurations, a 4 x 12 slanted cabinet and a 2 x 12 horizontal cabinet. All our cabinets are constructed by hand from 18mm Australian plywood .Our cabinets are finished in black Bronco Tolex as standard (custom colors available), your choice of a range of grill clothes, these boxes have a style that is bold yet classic.     

The 4x12 Slanted Cabinets feature a unique metal internal bracing system that makes them the tightest, most responsive cabinets we have ever heard.  Even playing seriously de-tuned, super hi-gain sounds at bowel displacing volumes, what you put in is exactly what you get out.  Also fitted on our quad boxes are solid metal vibration free handles, metal protection corners and quality rubberized swivel casters for easy movement.    

The 2 x 12 Cabinet provides the advantage of smaller size portability with a sound and depth that punches well above its weight. 

So no matter what style of music you play and no matter what amp you own, one of our speaker cabinets will let you hear the sound of your rig at its best. 

A Closer Look...

Slanted Quad Cabinet (4 x 12)
Fitted with Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers, these speakers deliver a mighty bottom-end punch and plenty of mids for creamy lead tones. The perfect choice for our Fathead tube amp or any other contemporary/high-gain amp.

Tech Specs

Speakers: 4x 12" Celestion® Vintage 30
Impedance: Mono 4/16 Ohms.
Impedance: Stereo 2x8 Ohms.
Power Rating: 240 W mono, 2 x 120 W stereo..
Handles: Solid all metal.
Casters: Included, rubberized, swivel.
Bracing: Internal front to back.
Dimensions 830H x 760W x 360D mm
Weight 35 kg.
Other colors and speakers types available upon request.
RRP AU$1795


2x12 Cabinet

Fitted with either Celestion® Vintage 30 or Celestion Green back speakers, our 2 x 12 offers great tone in a more compact size.
The 2 x 12 offers a tight bottom end using a closed back design but can be supply with an open back upon request.
Tech Specs
Speakers: 2x 12" Celestion® Vintage 30.
Impedance: Mono 8 Ohms.
Power Rating: 120 W mono.
Large rubber feet fitted.
Dimensions 500H x 750W x 300D mm
Weight 25kg.
Other colors and speakers types available. upon request.
RRP AU$995


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