With professional expertise in Electronic repair going back 30 years, Sherlock Amplifiers are more than qualified in repairing all audio products. We work on all the major brands from Marshall, Fender, Laney, Ampeg, etc, to the more exotic amps like Matchless, Bad Cat, Mesa Boogie, VHT and Soldano. With tube and solid state guitar amps being our specialty, we are also experienced in the repair of other gear including, Mixers, HI FI Amps, Microphones, PA systems, Speakers, Effects Pedals .

We have a fully equipped workshop, with all the necessary electronic equipment for testing peterepairand repairing Amplifiers and other gear. Having worked on Amplifiers for so many years now we have developed many repair techniques to handle all those difficult jobs, including those annoying intermittent faults. With a large range of parts in stock, Including Tubes, Potentiometers, Capacitors, Resistors, Switches, Sockets, etc. we are sure we will have the parts for your amp. If we haven't we will get them in. We will also endeavor to repair everything that may be of future concern. Our return rate is very low, and we offer a one-year warrantee on all repairs. (please note: we only offer a 3 months warrantee on tubes and do not warrent the labour to change a failed tube or the damage it may cause.)

Labour Rate $110/hour. (Not Including parts) Email for quote
Minimum Charge of $90 for All work performerd.
NO CARDS... To keep the cost of repairs to a minimum for you, we don't take Cards.....(but if you want to pay more we can always get them)
Payment: Cash, Direct Deposit.

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There comes a time in the life of all tube amps when they must be serviced and re-tubed. Tubes wear out and should be replaced periodically, either partly (power tubes only) or fully, (pre-amp and power tubes). Its amazing the difference in the sound a properly re-tubed and serviced amp makes. (more on tube wear)

Labour Required:

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We import tubes all the time. They come matched and graded in sets of pairs or quads, We check them and match them again before installing them into amps because sometimes the matching done at the factory is not quite up to our standards. When we remove the old tubes we check these in our tube tester to check their grading. We then select new one's closest to that grading. This re-tubing technique ensures minimal bias adjustment and most importantly the amp sounds the same as before, or we select tubes and bias them according to the customer specific requirements. (See notes on biasing) We know the difference in sound between the tube brands and can advise on tube selection for tone.

For more info on Tubes check out Julius for why its so! julius mini
Tube Theory

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We can restore any old amp to its former glory. We will replace old leaking electrolytic's capacitors, scratchy worn pots, corroded input sockets, worn tubes, etc. Transformers can be rewound (see notes on transformer repairs), speakers can be re-coned or replaced. Reverb units can be replaced or repaired. Tolex replaced, nothing is unfixable!

Labour Rate $110/hour. (Plus Parts)

Being a manufacturer meticulous about the quality of our Gibson1
tube amps and other great gear, Sherlock Amplifiers
have a great deal of experience in Tolex / Vinyl covering of amps. This re-covering service is also available to our customers as part of our amp restoration service. We have a selection of Tolex from the USA for that purpose. We can also replace speaker grill cloths. Again we have a selection of grill cloths from the USA specifically for that purpose.

Labour Required:

Cost varies from amp to amp but typical pricing for a 2 x 12 combo amp are set out below.

Click the samples below to see Tolex and grill cloths we have in stock

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To see a restoration from start to finish click here old&new


We offer a 120v to 240v power conversions service for our Australian customers importing American amps. This may be accomplished by rewiring the amps primary wires on the transformer if the amp has a universal power transformer. If not, then the 120v power transformer has to be replaced with a 240v equivalent. We also find in some cases a slight bias adjustment is required (on Tube amps).

Price for amps fitted with Universal transformers:
To re-wire 120v primaries to 240v on a universal power transformer, including power plug and fuse change, check over and bias tweak if required. $110transformers

Price for amps not fitted with Universal transformers (Domestic):
Replacement power transformer for:
100w Amp $290-$350
50w Amp $250-$300

Labour for transformer replacement:
Includes voltage testing as is on a step down transformer before removal.
Checking for any other faults, including bad tubes etc.
Removal of the120v transformer.
Installation of new 240v transformer.

Other tasks required for 240v amp conversion include:

Change mains plug or supply 240v power lead.
Change fuse for 240v operation.
Check internal voltages as per the original 120v transformer.
Check and adjust tube bias if necessary.
Check general operation.
Final assembly and audio test.
Labour: $110-$165 Email for quote


There's nothing worse than inspecting a vintage amp only to find most of the old vintage parts have be replaced with their modern day counterparts. This of course destroys the value of the amp, not to mention the tone. We take the attitude that if it's worth repairing it is indeed worth repairing properly. We will repair it back to its original status. We have most vintage amp parts in stock If we haven't got the part, we will source it from overseas.

We will only use quality or original replacement parts, ensuring that the gear/equipment functions the way the manufacture intended or better, so that in the long run, you save time and money.

Australian made Vintage Amps.
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Call this number now for a
quote on amp servicing, repairs, mods and retubes.

We are now agents for:


Guitar Repair and Service.
For quotes or to discuss repairs please call Mark Roper on:
0409 700 105
For pick up and drop off only please call Sherlock Amps on:
8802 0499

Please note:
We do not have the capacity to offer general advise on amps, equipment and tubes.
We can only advise on work that you would like us to perform for you or our own products.
For general info relating to other manufactures products please contact the manufacture or distributor of those products.

We service the following brands and more.

Who's doing your repairs?

Time and time again we see Amps come into the workshop that have been supposedly repaired by some repairer. The repair has failed and now the customer is up for more money to fix the shonky repairers stuff up plus the original fault. Don't take your Amp to some unqualified repairer. You WILL PAY MORE in the long run.
Let us do it right the first time.!

Repair & Restoration
Lead Times

Current lead times are 2-4 weeks or otherwise stated. Please note: This is only an estimate.
Our lead times are dependant upon work load, degree of difficulty of each job and the availability of parts, etc. Original parts are order from the manufacture or import distributor. Other parts such as Tubes etc, are imported from overseas. We do try to keep stock of most parts but can't keep everything, however we do sometimes run out of tubes and have to re-order.
Please note: We do not control domestic and international postal systems. So please be patient when we have ordered parts for you.

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