Minimum Charge of $90 and when it applies.


1, If a repair takes less than 1 hour to fix.

2, If after quoting, the customer is not happy with the quote and does not wish to go ahead with the repair.

3, If the customer decides for whatever reason, that after they have booked it in, they no longer want to have it repaired and want to take it back.

4, If after considerable attempts at repairing it but can't be repaired for the reasons stated below.

Why is All repair work subject to a minimum charge.

With every job there are many things that are required to be done to repair your equipment.

The following are the main ones which warrants the minimum charge of $90.

1, Time taken to input all you details into the computer. We only need the details of the fault not the history of the equipment unless it's relevant to the fault.

2, Time taken to test the equipment prior to disassembly to confirm the fault.

3, Time taken to disassemble the equipment and put it on the bench and set up test procedures and to test the equipment to confirm the fault.

4, Time taken to fault find the equipment. As most electronic faults can't be seen by the eye, a systematic and analytical method of fault finding needs to be employed to determine the faulty part. This will vary due to the complexity of the job and the skill of the technician.
The only way to truly confirm that the fault has been found is to replace it. Replacing the part may only take a small percentage of time compared to the time taken to find the faulty part.

5, Time taken to order parts for the equipment on your behalf.

6, Time taken to research repair info like schematics, service manuals and any other info that will help facilitated the repair of the equipment from the net or order them from the supplier.

7, Time taken to research modification info if you required modifications done to the equipment.

8, Time taken to develop modifications for the equipment but have not yet been implemented.

9, Time taken for any required correspondence there after either by phone or email regarding the equipment with the customer.

10, If the equipment cannot be repaired for lack of parts or we are unable to find the fault due to extreme difficulty due to the equipment being of high complex nature or the equipment has an intermittent fault that will not manifest itself after many attempts to bring on the fault or the equipment is not economical to be repaired.

Although every attempt to repair your equipment will be made, in some instances, we may not be able to repair it. However we will still need the minimum charge as compensation for making the effort and taking the time to carry out the procedures above to attempt the repair.

Thank you for your understanding.