The brains and talent behind Sherlock Amplifiers is Dale Sherlock.  He has been working professionally with electronics for over 30 years and has experience in both tube and solid-state technologies and their application in fields as diverse as aircraft computer electronics and electro-mechanics.  This expertise has led to literally thousands of aircraft instrument repairs and services and in more recent years, an even greater number of guitar amplifier and guitar related electronic repairs of all kinds, on all kinds of equipment of virtually every brand and model, for thousands of very happy and satisfied customers.  This knowledge has been focused into the development of a substantial, superb, and critically acclaimed range of tube amplifiers and other guitar related equipment.  It is not surprising that Dale has become somewhat of a legend among guitarists that have had the experience of witnessing and enjoying the art of such an accomplished professional.  

Dale’s passion for amplifiers and all things musical and electronic, bloomed at the tender nicage of fifteen and has only continued to grow.  After leaving school he took an apprenticeship at NIC Instrument Company, (see pic) later to become known as Ansett Technologies, one of the avionics departments of Ansett Australia Airlines.  During his time at Ansett, Dale discovered the wonders of tube technology and began the accumulation of his now vast and intimate knowledge of their workings.  He also began building and designing his first valve and solid state amplifiers, most of which were HI-FI amps, in his spare time.  His skill and dedication whilst training at Ansett earned him the classification of “Ground Engineer, Digital, Computer, and Electronics Tradesman” and later a position working with crucial automated test equipment used on cockpit instruments as the technical officer for the engineering departments development and testing team.  From his mastery of avionics systems, Dale developed his insistance on quality, rugged construction and bulletproof reliability in everything he creates.  His designs have always had to work first time, every time, whether they have been trusted with the responsibility of the lives of hundreds of airline passengers or with the livelihood and reputation of hundreds of performers and the enjoyment and satisfaction of their audiences.                 

After 12 years of intensive Avionics service, Dale decided to turn his passion into his new full time career and resigned from his position at Ansett. For the next eighteen plus years Dale devoted his skills and knowledge exclusively to the music industry, specifically to guitarists and guitar amplifiers.  Dale’s ability to custom design, modify, and service equipment to the specific requests of each of his customers has been for many players the much sought after key to unlocking the sounds and tones they have only dreamed of.  His amplifiers have received attention and favorable reviews in music publications including Sonic Magazine and the industry newspaper MixDown.  Sales in the U.S. and rapturous acceptance at numerous Trade Shows including the Melbourne Guitar Festival, the Frankston Guitar Festival, and the Frankfurt Fare (where a certain Steve Lukather took particular notice), certify that anything that bears the Sherlock Amplifiers name is nothing short of world class.

Dale’s ability to custom design, modify, and service equipment to the specific requests of each of his customers has been utilized by an electric group of musicians and bands over many years.  They include:
Joe Cryton, Ross Hannaford, Shane Omara, Mike Rudd, Bill Putt, Things of Stone and Wood, Jeff Lang, Silverchair, Joe Camalery of the Black Sorrows, The Fibes, Paul Colman Trio, Terry Dean, Simon Patterson, Rod Pain, Paul Newendof, Tim Wild, (Captain Spalding, Taxi Ride)
Ed Battes, Sam Lemann, Mike Hamilton,  Sam Hawksley, Jack Jones, (Southern Sons, Irwin Thomas) Jake Lardot, Lee Kernaghan Band, Ash Grunwald, Bob Spenser (Angels), Sam Hawksley, Neale Farnell, Dallas Craine, Wolf Mother, producer Forrester Savel (Karnivool, Butterfly Affect), John Butler, and many more.