9V DC 1Amp pedal power supply

9 v0lt power supply
std lead
With the unprecedented popularity of Effects pedals over the years, there are few, simple and reliable, cost effective and practical, 9 volt power supply’s around to operate them. After years of proven performance, Sherlock Amplifiers continues to supply this reliable, high quality, and now no trills version of the original, heavy-duty 9 volt 1 amp power supply.

HIGHLY REGULATED 9 volt DC output: provides hum free operation for all accessory pedals, Keyboards, etc, or anything requiring 9 volts.
MASSIVE 1 AMP CAPACITY: allows operation of as many pedals as required providing the total current consumption of all pedals does not ecceed 1 amp.
OVERLOAD FUSE: External fuse for total protection.
18 VOLT DC: unregulated output capability (Optional, requires internal mod).
POWER SWITCH: Turn all your pedals on with one switch and monitor the output with the indicator led.
OUTPUT SOCKETS: 3, Standard 2.1mm. power as many pedals as you like. Room for expansion.
OUTPUT LEAD: 1 X 1meter. Custom leads make upon request (see below)
CASE: Heavy-duty diecast box: indestructible!
SIZE 120mm long, 95mm wide, 65mm high (including the switch)
POWER LEAD: 1.8mtere.
Hand Made in AUSTRALIA.

Ordering Details
When ordering your 9 volt power supply with custom 9 volt pedal cable, please supply the following information:
OPERATING VOLTAGE:   Specify the input voltage for your country e.g. 115volts, 240volts, other.

Custom pedal power cables

The Sherlock Amplifiers 9v power supply is supplied with three 9VDC outputs, and comes with a 1 meter (2.1mm ends) lead as standard.  Usually, to connect all the pedals together you can use the cable supplied with your pedals, assuming you were given one, alternatively, we can provide you with a custom made cable with any type of plug on it. The plugs can be at equal intervals along the cable or we can make the cable with the plugs where you want them, within reason of course. The plugs we use for most applications are low profile right angle types.  (see below)
custom leads   polarity     plugs
Cable prices are determined by the number of plugs and are $6 per plug - including wire and labor to hand solder and quality test each cable)
Custom lead ordering details

1. Specify NUMBER of plugs. Including plug to connect to power supply
2. Specify PLUG HOLE SIZE.  2.1mm,  2.5mm, other. (i.e.  2.1mm hole diameter std. for most 9v DC pedals & 2.5mm usually use on AC pedals)
3. Specify BARREL LENGTH Contact barrel length, long or short (most pedals use short.)
4. Specify TYPE of plug. 5.5 x 2.1mm DC connector, (as detailed above) or 1/8" jack plug, straight or right-angle.
5. Specify DISTANCE  from plug to plug. (pedal to pedal)
6. CABLE PRICE AU$6 per any connector
7. Shipping Cost $7-$10 in Australia

NOTE:  When custom designing your cables (see pic below) it's best to lay your pedals out on your pedal board in the order you have decided to use them.
(Warning: Do Not place Wha pedals and Hi gain pedals like distortion pedals close to the power supply because you may inject hum into your system.)
Measure the distance from one socket to the next socket with the pedals on the board in the correct order, allow some slack for the cable to go down from the socket to the pedal board and back up to the pedal socket.
Write down your measurements or draw a picture with the dimensions on it. Also have the signal leads plugged in to see if the cable plugs are not going get in the way of anything. Once you have worked out your cable measurements we would like to hear from you. We believe that right angle plugs are best because of there low profile, but you may not be able to use a right angle in some situations that's perfectly ok,  we can offer a solution for most situation.

For more information contact: info@sherlockamps.com
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