The Midi Mod is general not hard to install, however there will be some installations that will be tricky and we (Sherlock Amplifiers) cannot continue to provide free installation assistance over the phone or by email due to time restraints.

We suggest that you read the Installation instructions thoroughly and have the installing technician read them thoroughly and also inspect the amps schematics and switching requirements before purchasing and/or attempting to install the Midi Mod kit. Our installation charges are typically around the $120-$180 mark plus freight if you have to ship the Amp to us.

If you require Sherlock Amplifiers technical support to help you install the Midi Mod kit or a technician you hire to be assisted in installing the midi Mod kit there will be an $80/hour consultation fee. This fee is for time taken to source info, analyze and derive circuitry to adapt the Midi Mod to you amps channel switching circuitry.

Contact info:

Phone 03 9891 6054

Email info@sherlockamps.com