fathead 50

After the great success of the Fathead 100 amp we notice that some guitarist just loved the sound of this amp but didn’t want all the features the Fathead had to offer, so not wanting any to miss out on the sounds of this fabulous amp we got to work on a simpler, more basic version called the Fathead 50.

The Preamp Section.
Basically the Fathead has 4 main sounds accessed via its Midi switching controller, so what we’ve done with the Fathead 50 is give you those same sounds but only 2 channels are accessible via the amps footswitch.

For example the 1st channel can be set up as either Clean or Edge. Clean is pretty much clean but gets a bit gritty as you turn the gain past 6,7.  Turn the Clean Mode switch to Edge and all of the Fathead Edge channels sounds are now available. These sounds are edgy clean Blues tones to Classic hard rock.
Now the 2nd channel is basically the Fathead Rhythm channel with the voicing switch for some tonal variations.  This channel covers a staggering amount of variation in tone, from hard rock to utter heavy metal meltdown. The Lead tone is access via the fathead 50 boost button on the 4 button footswitch.

The 2 channels have the own Gain, 3 band EQ and Volume controls. Moving on to the effects loop which is a series loop with send level control. The loop is activated via the footswitch.

The fathead 50 has Dual Masters for a volume boost at solo time, also footswitch activated. And finally Dual Presence and Depths, individual voiced and either a or B can be assigned to any one of the preamp channels. (for more on theses features check out the Fathead page.)

Power Amp Section.
We have also reduced the power of this amp to 50 watts but still retaining our patented TMS biasing system. There no point going into TMS here as we have covered this amazing feature in depth on the Fathead page. (click here for more on TMS.)
The Fathead 50 comes fitted with 6L6 power tubes as standard but can be fitted with EL34’s 6550’s, KT 66 etc
A 3 position Impedance switch allow any speaker combination to be used.

The footswitch and Optional Midi
The Fathead 50 is operated by a custom 4 button footswitch and controls:
Channels switching,
Effects loop,
AB Masters and
Boost for the Lead channel.
Midi can be fitted at the factory or as a retrofit at a later date after purchase.

Tech Specs


RRP AU$2500 How to Purchase

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